Weired Wide Web

About the Weriedness of the mainstream www … even worse than mass media.

Music, Lyrics and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

All instruments are straight from the sequencer (so far).

Version 1: Composition Prototype

The last refrain must be re-recorded. (Thou shall not record when it’s hot, shortly after coming home from bicycling)


Another doomsday theory -
Yellowstone, Niburu
Black hole, Neutron Star
Pole Shift, Gamma rays from a quazar.
Landslides, Tsunamis
Man made climate change
Red Giant, Ice Age
Thea impact in 10 days

Another strange weired theory,
Flat earth, Big Bang
Al Queida, Terror cave men,
Reptile men, shape shifting leader gang
Dark Matter, higgs Boson
Primordial soup, Darwinism
Big Rip, Big freeze
Hollow earch
Almighty international terrorism

Who the hell is pushing this crap,
All across the internet ?
Who the hell is pulling the strings,
Behind the weired wide web ?

Online Hypes and Hysteries
Development soap bubbles,
Distractions keep us busy,
Trivialities, blown up to new technologies
Microtubes and Graphene,
Bending displays, Mars mission
Spitzer, Webb, Chandra, Swift
Mankind, evolving in eternity

This is a kind of strategy,
Disruption and Confusion,
Distraction, Desinformation.
To keep the status of power in this hierarchy.
Science and Religion, Moneymakers, Lawmakers
Keep you in dependency,
To fulfil, their pathologic dream ideologies

Now I know who's pushing this crap, 
all across the internet,
keeping you busy and confused, 
that's why I am amused.


Toxicity a capella


Composition and Copyright: System of A Down, some Record company.

Re-Arrangement for A Capella: Karsten Thamm

Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

Current state of Development (1.11.2016):




04.11.2016: Final version (so far)


female voices

23.10.2016: Recording done (so far …. female voides are missing)

  • Some vocal dubbing and Editing
  • Female voice recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

All tracks except vocal tracks are recorded.


  • Vocal Tracks
  • Editing and Reworking of all tracks
  • Mixing
  • Mastering


This is more what it should sound like.  Verse 1 and Refrain.


  • Rest of Vocal Tracks (Today !)
  • Female voices (soon)
  • more mixing … and elimination of artifacts
  • Mastering


Grendel Orchestral



Final Candidate: 31.01.2016


Premix: 14.10.2016

The Original:


  • Recording of Additional Vocal Tracks
  • Fine Adjustment
  • Final Mastering

Copyright exception: This is for private use only ! I am not the owner of the copyright of this song. Using this for other purpose than private use needs the written permission of the owner of the copyright.

© EMI Music Publishing

Lyrics: Dereck W. Dick (aka Fish)

Music: Rothery, Trewavas, Kelly, Pointer

Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

Previous Project:


FSCG Airfield Video Soundtrack


I’m currently in the process of writing a new video soundtrack for my 2014 Airfield Video:

The progress


  • String chords are spread over the orchestral voices (violins 1+2, violas, chellos and bass)
  • Added an Oboe/Flute melody to silent part.


  • Oboe/Flute now plays with 4 voices
  • Bassoon added for slow part, as low octave addition for woodwinds
  • Bells and small bells have been added
  • Trumpets have been added at the end
  • Xylophone has been added for Pizzicato part (glider climbing at the winch cable)
  • Credit melody has been enhanced by flutes and oboes (4 voice, 2X2 Harmony, octaved)


  • Enhancement of Last part (Approach and Landing)
  • Percussion Redo
  • De-Clustering of woodwinds in silent part
  • Making instruments organic to add realism (still sounds like synthesized)
  • String Legato Workover (attack still hearable)


So, the composition is ‘complete’, which means, that adding more would overload the whole thing.

Done since yesterday:


  • Enhancement of Last part (Approach and Landing)
  • Percussion Redo
  • De-Clustering of woodwinds in silent part

Next step will be:

  • Adapting Midi volumes of instruments
  • Add a random component to temporal sequence of notes
  • Adding expression and Pitchbend for realism
  • String Legato overhaul
  • Overwork velocities of percussion and Piano

After that:

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Adding to video


Adapted Midi Volumes (better Instrument expressions). It’s a bit exagerated at some points, but I will fix this in finetuning.


  • Make organic (Pitchbends, Quantization)
  • Improve Legatos

After that:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Adding to Video


The most difficult part is done: making it organic and Legatos.

After that:

  • Minor tweaks
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Adding to Video

Stairway To Heaven

It’s not perfect, but this is as far as I go.  Actually I’m doing this to make movie- and video soundtracks, so with this project I will finish my series of remaking 70’s and 80’s songs more symphonic. Now I will concentrate on video soundtracks and of course on making won songs for Flute.

This is actually a benchmark project for my recording booth and a practise project for composing, editing and mixing. (Mastering not included, but I tried to make the mix good enough, so I could skip this step).

Anyone else is welcome to use my recording box for singing, but I will stop here.

Original: Led Zeppelin

Music/Lyrics: Page/Plant

Composition of additional parts, Interpretation and Production: Karsten Thamm

Copyright: Some record company …. who cares (I’m too lazy to look it up and I don’t want to bother with copyright issues) ? It’s not for commercial use. Read my copyright remarks and just don’t use it (you will find better remakes out there anyway)

I finally did some Mastering (and a complete reqork of the orchestral part).