Locomotive Breath

Some Locomotive Breath Flute solo practise sessions.
Not ready to play yet, but getting closer.

Music: Jethro Tull

Original Flute and voice: Ian Anderson

Flute and voice: Karsten Thamm

Full Session (with vocals):

Third take was the best take of 9.10.2017

Taining session of 06.10.2017 (with outtakes):

Take 121 session:

Take 121 is the best so far. This will be the benchmark take for the rest of the practise session.

Early training sessions:


After having edited some electronic music, I became busy creating a new All purpose project template from a scratch, with adaptions to my recording box.

Finally I have a configuration I’m happy with.

Improvization: Karsten Thamm

Notes: Raw Improvized Flute track with Drum machine metronome track. Not edited, not dubbed … after not having touched my flute for almost a year now.

The Machine [was: Waltz]

Electronic Music Experimental Project.

Dedicated to my colleagues at work (esp. the scrum people FR, TS, WL, BS and the management workhorses LK and ZP for good cooperation in the last couple of months and of course ‘THE STUDENT’ CW):

Composition: Karsten Thamm

Master Candidate:

Second try:
A Premixed and premastered Prototype of “The machine”


Discarded: “Waltz”

Composition: Karsten Thamm

Phase 1: Blueprint (Verse and Refrain)

Toxicity a capella


Composition and Copyright: System of A Down, some Record company.

Re-Arrangement for A Capella: Karsten Thamm

Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

Current state of Development (1.11.2016):




04.11.2016: Final version (so far)


female voices

23.10.2016: Recording done (so far …. female voides are missing)

  • Some vocal dubbing and Editing
  • Female voice recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

All tracks except vocal tracks are recorded.


  • Vocal Tracks
  • Editing and Reworking of all tracks
  • Mixing
  • Mastering


This is more what it should sound like.  Verse 1 and Refrain.


  • Rest of Vocal Tracks (Today !)
  • Female voices (soon)
  • more mixing … and elimination of artifacts
  • Mastering


Dull Spring Saturday

New Versions (newest are topmost):

Ok, this is the version I would upload now !

After Searching and analyzing I finally found the bug ! The group channels have been Mono and so I had a mono output ! It’s fixed now !!!


Ok, here another try. I did some mixing … the volume releation  of the string sections is ok now, but the flute is either too loud or too soft.

Latest Version (pre Mastered). I’m still struggeling to find a good volume setting.


It’s al dull spring saturday and I am bored.

Improvized in 20 mins.

Music, Flute and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

With drums


A bit harmonized and cleaned up scales

I will keep this, as a brainstorming project. Maybe we can transform it into a real project. Let’s see.

Ok, I renamed it into ‘Dull Good Friday‘, because I edited the strings on Good Friday 2016. The strings are now partially distributed over 8 string voices (4 Violin sections, 2 Viola sections, 2 Cello Sections) Base is still missing. Other voices are to come (Winds and Brass).


Production Snapshot:

The volumes are not apropriate, but I’m currently in the process of editing, so the strings are way too loud … all volume relations are not set correctly right now.

Stairway To Heaven

It’s not perfect, but this is as far as I go.  Actually I’m doing this to make movie- and video soundtracks, so with this project I will finish my series of remaking 70’s and 80’s songs more symphonic. Now I will concentrate on video soundtracks and of course on making won songs for Flute.

This is actually a benchmark project for my recording booth and a practise project for composing, editing and mixing. (Mastering not included, but I tried to make the mix good enough, so I could skip this step).

Anyone else is welcome to use my recording box for singing, but I will stop here.

Original: Led Zeppelin

Music/Lyrics: Page/Plant

Composition of additional parts, Interpretation and Production: Karsten Thamm

Copyright: Some record company …. who cares (I’m too lazy to look it up and I don’t want to bother with copyright issues) ? It’s not for commercial use. Read my copyright remarks and just don’t use it (you will find better remakes out there anyway)

I finally did some Mastering (and a complete reqork of the orchestral part).



Soundbooth Benchmark


Benchmark 1:

Ohne Schalldämmung, Türe Geschlossen, Türe offen, Mikro außen, jeweils mit und ohne Reverb.

RAW-Midi-Tracks für das Aktions-Benchmark:

Full Build Benchmark:

Innenraum (Flöte, Stille, Stimme), Was geht an Schall rein, was kommt an Schall raus.

Wie zu erwarten war, isoliert die Box nicht zu 100 %, aber die Schallisolation ist für den Zweck hinreichen gut (sogar besser als benötigt).

Funktionales Benchmark:

Aufnahmen fertig (muss noch editiert werden):