Runde ums Maindreieck

Eine Runde ums Maindreieck, gefahren am 3.7.-4.7.2017.
Die Bearbeitung dauerte bis Ende Dezember 2017, also knapp ein halbes Jahr.

Erster Zusammenschnitt (25X Zeitraffer):

Geschnitten (8X und 25X):

Vertonung Stufe 1:

Vertonung Stufe 2 (Bass + Schlagzeug voll):

Vertonung Stufe 3 :(Teilinstumentiert, ohne Überarbeitung)

Vertonung Stufe 4: (Vollinstrumentiert ohne Überarbeitung)

Vertonung Stufe 6: (Überarbeitet, Vertonung nahezu abgeschlossen):

Stufe 7: (Betitelung)
Was jetzt noch fehlt ist Feintuning

Weired Wide Web

About the Weriedness of the mainstream www … even worse than mass media.

Music, Lyrics and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

All instruments are straight from the sequencer (so far).

Version 1: Composition Prototype

The last refrain must be re-recorded. (Thou shall not record when it’s hot, shortly after coming home from bicycling)


Another doomsday theory -
Yellowstone, Niburu
Black hole, Neutron Star
Pole Shift, Gamma rays from a quazar.
Landslides, Tsunamis
Man made climate change
Red Giant, Ice Age
Thea impact in 10 days

Another strange weired theory,
Flat earth, Big Bang
Al Queida, Terror cave men,
Reptile men, shape shifting leader gang
Dark Matter, higgs Boson
Primordial soup, Darwinism
Big Rip, Big freeze
Hollow earch
Almighty international terrorism

Who the hell is pushing this crap,
All across the internet ?
Who the hell is pulling the strings,
Behind the weired wide web ?

Online Hypes and Hysteries
Development soap bubbles,
Distractions keep us busy,
Trivialities, blown up to new technologies
Microtubes and Graphene,
Bending displays, Mars mission
Spitzer, Webb, Chandra, Swift
Mankind, evolving in eternity

This is a kind of strategy,
Disruption and Confusion,
Distraction, Desinformation.
To keep the status of power in this hierarchy.
Science and Religion, Moneymakers, Lawmakers
Keep you in dependency,
To fulfil, their pathologic dream ideologies

Now I know who's pushing this crap, 
all across the internet,
keeping you busy and confused, 
that's why I am amused.


Grendel Orchestral



Final Candidate: 31.01.2016


Premix: 14.10.2016

The Original:


  • Recording of Additional Vocal Tracks
  • Fine Adjustment
  • Final Mastering

Copyright exception: This is for private use only ! I am not the owner of the copyright of this song. Using this for other purpose than private use needs the written permission of the owner of the copyright.

© EMI Music Publishing

Lyrics: Dereck W. Dick (aka Fish)

Music: Rothery, Trewavas, Kelly, Pointer

Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

Previous Project:


Dull Spring Saturday

New Versions (newest are topmost):

Ok, this is the version I would upload now !

After Searching and analyzing I finally found the bug ! The group channels have been Mono and so I had a mono output ! It’s fixed now !!!


Ok, here another try. I did some mixing … the volume releation  of the string sections is ok now, but the flute is either too loud or too soft.

Latest Version (pre Mastered). I’m still struggeling to find a good volume setting.


It’s al dull spring saturday and I am bored.

Improvized in 20 mins.

Music, Flute and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

With drums


A bit harmonized and cleaned up scales

I will keep this, as a brainstorming project. Maybe we can transform it into a real project. Let’s see.

Ok, I renamed it into ‘Dull Good Friday‘, because I edited the strings on Good Friday 2016. The strings are now partially distributed over 8 string voices (4 Violin sections, 2 Viola sections, 2 Cello Sections) Base is still missing. Other voices are to come (Winds and Brass).


Production Snapshot:

The volumes are not apropriate, but I’m currently in the process of editing, so the strings are way too loud … all volume relations are not set correctly right now.

From Breakdown to Sunrise

From Breakdown to Sunrise was an improvised sequence, which I recorded back in 2005 as a flute only mp3.

I kept it on my harddrive, until I re arranged it in 2014 and mastered it with ‘Cuebase’. All instruments, except the flute, are right from the sequencer.

Music: Karsten Thamm

Click here for download

This is the original file:

Music: Karsten Thamm

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