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hat_n_flute5Hat & Flute contains acoustic experiments of my own making and some selected Texts on all topics.




In 2004, I discovered the flute as an interesting and easy to play instrument. After experimenting a bit with this metal tube with some knobs, my ex wife had one of these mysterious sound making tubes, I made it real, bought a book and got busy learning how to play it.

After having discovered an old hobby and getting divorced afterwards, my flute sessions became less and less, until I completely forgot about it.

This changed in 2014, when I stumbled upon a Steinberg Sound Recording device, which I purchased along with a microphone and some mastering software called Cuebase.


Pictures of my recording site

Between a computer, electronc components and a lot of airfield bags.

I got a new flute a bit later (still have the old one) and started to record. The result of most of my work will be published here, unless it’s not copyright protected.

I did some remakes of well known songs, which I cannot and will not publish … not only because they are copyrighted, but also because I tried singing …  you don’t want to hear this !

Most of the instrument parts are coming straight from the sequencer. In most cases, the compositions are of my own making.

File Format

I’m using mainly the ogg Sound format.

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Copyright Rules

Copyright rules are easy !

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All other sequences, which require any type of login, are for personal use only. Publishing is prohibited.

‘Grendel’ is © EMI Music Publishing

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This site is for natural people, not for legal people.

Copyright Regeln

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Macht damit was ihr wollt !

Nicht frei zugängliche Sequenzen sind ausschließlich zur persönlichen Verwendung. Veröffentlichung ist nicht gestattet.

Für ‘Grendel’ liegt das Copyright bei:  © EMI Music Publishing

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