Weired Wide Web

About the Weriedness of the mainstream www … even worse than mass media.

Music, Lyrics and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

All instruments are straight from the sequencer (so far).

Version 1: Composition Prototype

The last refrain must be re-recorded. (Thou shall not record when it’s hot, shortly after coming home from bicycling)


Another doomsday theory -
Yellowstone, Niburu
Black hole, Neutron Star
Pole Shift, Gamma rays from a quazar.
Landslides, Tsunamis
Man made climate change
Red Giant, Ice Age
Thea impact in 10 days

Another strange weired theory,
Flat earth, Big Bang
Al Queida, Terror cave men,
Reptile men, shape shifting leader gang
Dark Matter, higgs Boson
Primordial soup, Darwinism
Big Rip, Big freeze
Hollow earch
Almighty international terrorism

Who the hell is pushing this crap,
All across the internet ?
Who the hell is pulling the strings,
Behind the weired wide web ?

Online Hypes and Hysteries
Development soap bubbles,
Distractions keep us busy,
Trivialities, blown up to new technologies
Microtubes and Graphene,
Bending displays, Mars mission
Spitzer, Webb, Chandra, Swift
Mankind, evolving in eternity

This is a kind of strategy,
Disruption and Confusion,
Distraction, Desinformation.
To keep the status of power in this hierarchy.
Science and Religion, Moneymakers, Lawmakers
Keep you in dependency,
To fulfil, their pathologic dream ideologies

Now I know who's pushing this crap, 
all across the internet,
keeping you busy and confused, 
that's why I am amused.