Dull Spring Saturday

New Versions (newest are topmost):

Ok, this is the version I would upload now !

After Searching and analyzing I finally found the bug ! The group channels have been Mono and so I had a mono output ! It’s fixed now !!!


Ok, here another try. I did some mixing … the volume releation  of the string sections is ok now, but the flute is either too loud or too soft.

Latest Version (pre Mastered). I’m still struggeling to find a good volume setting.


It’s al dull spring saturday and I am bored.

Improvized in 20 mins.

Music, Flute and Interpretation: Karsten Thamm

With drums


A bit harmonized and cleaned up scales

I will keep this, as a brainstorming project. Maybe we can transform it into a real project. Let’s see.

Ok, I renamed it into ‘Dull Good Friday‘, because I edited the strings on Good Friday 2016. The strings are now partially distributed over 8 string voices (4 Violin sections, 2 Viola sections, 2 Cello Sections) Base is still missing. Other voices are to come (Winds and Brass).


Production Snapshot:

The volumes are not apropriate, but I’m currently in the process of editing, so the strings are way too loud … all volume relations are not set correctly right now.