Stairway To Heaven

It’s not perfect, but this is as far as I go.  Actually I’m doing this to make movie- and video soundtracks, so with this project I will finish my series of remaking 70’s and 80’s songs more symphonic. Now I will concentrate on video soundtracks and of course on making won songs for Flute.

This is actually a benchmark project for my recording booth and a practise project for composing, editing and mixing. (Mastering not included, but I tried to make the mix good enough, so I could skip this step).

Anyone else is welcome to use my recording box for singing, but I will stop here.

Original: Led Zeppelin

Music/Lyrics: Page/Plant

Composition of additional parts, Interpretation and Production: Karsten Thamm

Copyright: Some record company …. who cares (I’m too lazy to look it up and I don’t want to bother with copyright issues) ? It’s not for commercial use. Read my copyright remarks and just don’t use it (you will find better remakes out there anyway)

I finally did some Mastering (and a complete reqork of the orchestral part).